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8 Tips To Win Mega888 OceanKing

Thousands of fans are attracted to online fish table games because of the appealing graphical interface and high-value awards. Because the game is not tough, it is simple to win, but clever players frequently have their own strategies for raking in enormous sums of money without spending a lot of money each time they play. This is a technique for players to gain spectacular winnings by playing a prize exchange game rather than depending just on chance.

In this post, we'll teach you how to play a fish shooting machine, as well as strategies and recommendations gleaned from the experience of older individuals who have dedicated a significant amount of time to the game. If you're wondering "how to win at the fish table," consider these suggestions:


Tip 1: If you fire enough bullets, the fish will perish.

Many gamers believe that "fire enough shots, the fish will die" and use it as a strategy.

For example, if you shoot a fish 10 times, it will undoubtedly die. Still, did you know that there are fish that will die if you shot 1.2 bullets at them, but there are also fish that will survive if you shoot up to 6 bullets at them? The fish will only die if you shot it with ten rounds.

These pointers are used by a lot of people:

+ If there are four players, three of them shoot one fish each, each with one shot, but the fish is still alive. I just needed to shoot the fish one more time at that moment to kill it.

This seems to be a great strategy, however it can only be applied in particular situations. This is because you won't be able to recall the amount of bullets each fish has if the fish table doesn't have many participants or the number of fish is changing.

Tip 2: Use Bullet Tactics as a second option.

Many players have the attitude of focusing on shooting huge fish in order to gain a lot of points while ignoring lesser fish. This is a terrible way to play the game. Do not take this risk, especially if you are a novice player. This is due to the fact that it does not only fail to kill the fish, but it also causes you to lose points and bullets.

Note that if a fish, whether tiny or large, dies as a result of stray gunfire, the eye is not yours (Bulletfish will otherwise die due to stray bullets)

Instead, take use of the fish shooter's tiny angle (it has a massive dead fish bullet shooting mode). To play, you must use the following strategies:

+ Continuously rotate the barrel around the table, then fire one by one until no two bullets are looking in the same direction (two bullets pointing in the same direction will only strike one fish). Consider this: if you do not kill a 2-point fish, you will lose.

+ Shoot slowly, one at a time, so that each shot points in the same direction. For huge fish, use 1 2 or 3 pills to refocus the shot (depending on the individual)

+ Don't concentrate on the bullet that is hunting for a place to land.

The benefit of playing this method is that you may set greater goals. Bullets shot in a variety of directions will strike a variety of fish, and almost every bullet will hit a different fish. Your fish shooting skill will be considerably greater than other players who solely concentrate on shooting huge fish when you combine focus shots with 2, 3, or 10 tablets for bigger fish.

Tip 3: Use a ballpoint pen to play.

The major consequence of this mode of play is to increase the amount of bullets fired at the fish at the same time. This is how it's done:

You fire a several bullets at the wall until the bullet lands in the fish's mouth. We fired another bullet straight at the fish, despite the fact that the first had not yet reached the target. There will be two bullets striking the fish at the same time at this moment. As a result, the chances of dying will be increased.

The likelihood of the fish dying as a result of this surgery is rather significant. This approach, however, needs a few bullets, and the odds of success are great if the fish is headed towards the table's corner.

Tip 4: Use a Slow But Quick Method

Slow down the fish we shoot instead of becoming overly excited about shooting enormous fish that are the goal of many others. If the fish dies, the diseased area becomes yours. This will allow you to conserve more ammunition.

If you want to shoot a huge fish that is a popular target for many people, you'll need a lot of ammunition. However, if you have fewer bullets than your opponent, the chances of losing are quite great, and money will be squandered.

If you play carefully, you may employ the approach of progressively firing bullets to make a few hundred thousand dollars after just a few minutes of shooting.

Tip 5: Shoot only those who have just walked away from the table.

Some fish will perish when they initially emerge due to the shooter's adaptation. As a result, you must count and pay attention to shoot as soon as it appears. If you know how to calculate the likelihood that a fish would die in this manner, all you have to do now is remain watchful and fill the table's corners while waiting for the fish to emerge. Use little fish shots to obtain points for tasks using this strategy.

Tip 6: During the fishing process, keep your speed under control.

When the fish is young, it simply needs to be shot at a slow pace with a modest number of bullets in order to kill little fish. The longer you play, the more you'll need to raise your shooting level in order to shot bigger fish. Normally, progressive firing (for example, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7) is used so that when the 100th bullet is fired, the equivalent of 500 points for the bullet is also collected. Furthermore, this style of periodic blasting might assist you in effortlessly controlling the pace when fishing.

Tip 7: Methods for Gradually Increasing Ammunition

When entering the compensation round, this method should be followed. Various sorts of fish will cross the screen throughout this round, starting to fire a specific amount of shots and even bigger ones.

The key is that if you kill two fish, you'll turn into the third kid. If you kill the first two dead fish with five bullets and the final one with 100 shots, the odds of a dead fish are exceedingly high. If you combine fairy shooting instructions with no more than 40 bullets, dead fish will be increased by 50, but you won't get a hole; however, if you fire more than 50, you will get a hole.

Tip 8: Shoot Fish With Algorithms

If a skilled player can detect and eliminate it quickly, every player must have an algorithm. The algorithm in this case would be a means of strategically placing precise ammo to enhance the likelihood of a fish dying. Bullet 1 kills number 2, number 4, and number 30, bullet 2 kills numbers 3 and 9, while bullet 3 only kills number 6, according to the algorithm. However, it must modify in various conditions; if the proportion of fish that are dead is high, you will win sooner.

Here are eight winning techniques for fish shooting machine games in today's most effective supermarket. I hope you are able to effectively utilise the following suggestions in your future game. Best wishes.

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