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918Kiss Dolphin Reef Online Slot Review

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Dolphin Reef is a new slot game from 918Kiss that was released in 2016. The game features a swimmer rescuing his love interest in the ocean. Players can win prizes by landing on various spots on the screen and accumulating points. It's an online slot with a memorable feature set that's fun for both casual and hardcore players.


First off, Dolphin Reef has a unique and exciting feature set that sets it apart from other online slots. Players win in the game by landing on specific spots on the screen. These are called multipliers because they multiply your winnings. There are also wild dolphins that appear on the screen and can substitute for any other symbol in the game. This allows for some very creative winning combinations that are sure to thrill players.

Dolphin Reef is also a slot game where bonuses are earned through good luck- but you can also earn them by carefully managing your love meter. The love meter is displayed at the bottom of the screen and increases as you land on different spots in the game. The meter only increases when you land on a multiplying multiplier, so landing carefully is key to increasing your winnings. Players can also increase their love meter by landing on the fish character, who doubles your love point total.

Another unique feature of Dolphin Reef is that it has multiple game types. Some of these base game types are regular slots and video slots where players can wager real money. There are also keno, jackpot, and bonus games where wagering is non-existent and purely for fun. This ensures that no matter what players want to do, there's a suitable game mode for them.

Overall, Dolphin Reef has a feature set that's unique and exciting for both casual and hardcore players alike. Players have to work hard to increase their love points, while watching carefully will help you land multipliers. There are also various bonus games throughout the gameplay which add even more depth to this online slot game.

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