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A Review To 918Kiss Fortune Panda Online Slot & Tips To Win

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Introduction To Fortune Panda

When playing online slots, gamers frequently find themselves confused about the rules and formats of the games. One of the most common questions that players ask is how to win from a particular game. 918Kiss Fortune Panda Online Slot is a great online slot for all new and experienced players. This slot has a simple format and easy controls that help players easily understand how to play the game.


The game consists of three rows of koi fish, panda bears, candles and a fortune cookie. The slots are set in black and white with pastel colors used to represent luck and fortune. The background consists of mountains, a lake and bamboo trees. Each symbol has its own distinct sound effect that is played when the symbol appears on the screen. For example, when a panda appears, the panda's cry will play. This helps players easily identify which symbol is appearing on the screen.

All players have an equal chance of winning since the game has a jackpot. The game sets a base jackpot of 100 coins. Players can also win up to 5 times their coin stake by winning bonus spins during play. This makes it easy for players to increase their chances of winning by playing more games. Furthermore, it keeps all players from becoming frustrated from never winning anything from the game.

Players should make use of the bonus features to their advantage to win more. The game has two bonus features that give players lots of ways to earn extra coins during play. The first bonus feature is the 'koi' spin. To activate this feature, players simply need to press the 'koi' button on their slot machine's control panel three times during gameplay. Doing so will increase their coin count by 10,000 and add one 'koi' symbol to each of their three rows in place of their base seven symbols. Since this feature increases both players' chances of winning, it's highly recommended that players use it whenever possible.

918Kiss Fortune Panda Online Slot is an excellent slot for new and experienced slot players alike. It has a simple format that's easy for anyone to understand and play properly. Players can increase their chances of winning by using any of the bonus features whenever possible. Additionally, using the 'koi' spin when available gives players even more opportunities to win bonus coins during gameplay.

Tips To Win 918Kiss Fortune Panda Slot

918Kiss Fortune Panda is a scratch card game developed by 918Kiss and available at online casinos. The game's concept is similar to the popular slot machine games and apps. Even though the game was initially designed for iOS and Android mobile devices, it has been converted to work on PC, Mac and Windows. The game allows users to choose between playing against the computer or against another human player. Either way, playing 918Kiss Fortune Panda will be an exhilarating experience.

The number 9 is the most important number in 918Kison Fortune Panda. When creating a winning combination, players must choose nine cards from a total of fourteen cards. Nine is an even number so selecting even numbers is also a good strategy. Players can also pick nine cards that have the same value since this increases their chances of winning. In addition, the nine is a transformable number so using transformable cards also works well.

The panda is another important symbol in 918Kiss Fortune Panda. A panda's main job in life is to eat bamboo. Similar to transformable numbers, playing cards with similar actions also works well when selecting your panda card. Players should avoid playing with the same symbol on their panda card since this reduces their chances of winning. Also avoidplaying with two pandas on your card since this reduces your chances of winning more dramatically.

Since players must win at least 10 coins to cash in their prize, 918Kiss Fortune Panda requires very responsible play. It's best to play for as few coins as possible since this keeps the cost low while increasing chances of winning. In addition, it's best to play only during normal operating hours since game officials will take longer to catch people abusing the system during high traffic times. Even so, it's best to play as late into the night as possible since game officials are less active during these times.

918Kiss Fortune Panda is an excellent gambling game that can be enjoyed by both casual and experienced players alike. Using the number 9 helps you create winning combinations while keeping costs low encourages you to keep playing. And playing as close to real life as possible makes for an even more exciting gaming experience!

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