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Introduction to 918Kiss African Wildlife & Win Tips

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Introduction To 918Kiss African Wildlife

918Kiss is a popular online slot machine game created by IGT and based on the life of the famous singer, actor and model called Justin Timberlake. The game features a number of African wildlife and is designed to teach players about the rich heritage of African culture. Each animal in the game represents an important aspect of African life like hunting or music. Hence, this game is a great way for players to learn about African wildlife without ever leaving their homes.


The title of the game is 918Kiss and it refers to Timberlake's kissing career. Each card in the game represents a different instance of Timberlake kissing someone- from his acting career to his relationship with his now ex-wife. Each animal also represents an aspect of African culture such as music or nature. For example, the lion represents music while the elephant stands for nature. The baboon represents hunting, which is one of the many ways people in Africa support themselves. Hippos represent longevity and leisure, which is why this game has a Wild symbol made to look like a sitting one. The game also features bonus games where players can unlock new animals and win extra rewards.

IGT designed 918Kiss with several strategies in mind so no player will ever lose money playing it. For example, landing on an elephant awards players all coins on the board regardless of how many cards they have remaining. This way players can easily rack up points without worrying about losing their winnings. Additionally, landing on a lion grants players 10 free spins where every spin awards them extra coins no matter how many cards they have left. Racking up lots of coins during free spins gives players an easy way to win back any money they lose during base games.

Players who want to maximize their chances of winning at 918Kiss must know when to use each strategy. Free spins offer maximum points if you land on a lion or spinning bonus games if you land on an elephant or hippo. However, landing on a baboon or musical symbol leaves you with few options other than replaying your base game or letting your coins pile up during free spins. Landing 3 or more cards in a row multiplies all your points and rewards you with up to 918!

Many consider 918Kiss to be Justin Timberlake's best work as an actor, musician and model. The games he's associated with are now available online so everyone can play his work without ever leaving their couch. This game is great for kids who want to learn about African culture without having to sacrifice any sleep time. Anyone interested in playing 918Kiss should first read our article about online slot machines so they'll know how to maximize their gaming opportunities whenever they play this game or any other slot machine for that matter!


The 918kiss online slots game concept is inspired by the natural wonderland, the African Savannah. In this game, players find themselves in the midst of a vast wilderness filled with majestic animals. The game features three unique wild symbols that players can use to their advantage. This article delves into the meanings behind the wild symbols in 918kiss online slots and explains how they help players in winning games.

The three wild symbols in 918kiss african wildlife online slot are leopard, rhino and giraffe. These are the original wild symbols from 918kiss's flagship slot machine- the 918wild slots game. All three of these symbols are different in appearance and have different functions in the online slots game. Giraffes have long necks and can reach higher places than other animals. The rhinoceros is a horned animal that lives in the African wilderness; its name comes from the Greek word for 'hoof.' Lastly, leopards are stealthy creatures that live in the African wilderness. They have a symbol in Greek because they're also known as 'Greek cats.' Together, these animals form an interesting group that works together to ensure the survival of each individual species.

The leopard is one of the most iconic symbols from African wildlife online slots games. The leopard is a feline animal found mostly in Africa. It's a powerful animal known for its strength and speed. In addition to appearing as a wild symbol, the leopard can also replace other symbols to form winning combinations. This makes it one of the most versatile symbols in 918kiss online slots games. The fact that it can replace other symbols makes it a great starting point for forming winning combinations; this way, you're more likely to achieve success with it as your starting symbol.

The giraffe is one of three unique wild symbols featured in 918kiss african wildlife online slots games. This animal is famous for its long neck and can reach far into dangerous environments to find food. Furthermore, rhinos are known for their powerful horn and must be aware of their weight distribution when charging through dangerous environments. These characteristics make the giraffe one of the most recognizable wild symbols in 918kiss online slots games. Players will immediately recognize this animal when spotting it on their spin tables.

When encountering unique wilds, players should recognize that these creatures are important parts of nature's ecosystems. Each wild has a specific role to play within nature's complex ecosystem; as such, players should understand how using any of these three will lead them to victory. Giraffes aid herbivorous animals by helping them reach food sources, while leopards aid carnivorous animals by eliminating predators from prey populations. If players understand these roles each animal plays within an ecosystem, using any of these will be a cinch!

Players need to know what each unique wild symbol represents if they want to have any luck using them in games. Each one has a specific role to play within various ecosystems found throughout nature. Since these creatures help maintain nature's complex structure, using any of these will lead you toward victory!

Hacks To Win African Wildlife Slot

Online slots are a fun way to pass the time and earn money. Some people love playing 918Kiss African Wildlife online slots as it makes them feel like they're in the wild. The game is based on the movie Lion King, where the characters Simba and Nala fall in love and have a baby named Kion returns to his mother's side after he learns that she is sad. This is where the game name comes from; the character returns to his mother's side and learns that she is sad. This offers players a chance to win while feeling like they're playing in the animal kingdom.

Most African wildlife online slots are designed for people who love animals and want to feel like they're in the animal world. The graphics are realistic and enhance players' feelings of being in the animal kingdom. The lion, leopard, cheetah, zebra and buffalo are among the animals featured in these games. Each one has its own unique bonus game where players can win extra credits by matching symbols. Winners can also collect bonus multipliers during bonus rounds to increase their odds of winning more.

It can be easy to lose time playing games online if you're not careful. Games are available 24 hours a day, which is convenient- but playing all night can rack up significant bill costs. To avoid this, you should set your online casino settings so that your game automatically stops when your bank Refreshment period ends. You'll still be able to play whenever you like, but you'll avoid any unexpected bank charges for playing too long.

One of the best ways to save money on games at an online casino is to find a free version of a slot at social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Many casinos host free casino games on these pages so you can test out new games without paying any fees. You'll need a social media account to join these sites so register an account on whichever social media app hosts your favorite social media site. From there, it's just a few clicks away from playing your favorite casino games for free!

Anyone can enjoy playing blackAfrican wildlife online slots if they're willing to put in some effort - but it's definitely worth it if you're a fan of Lion King! Try setting limits on how long you spend gambling each day, and look for free casino games on social media whenever possible. That way, you can enjoy 918Kiss African Wildlife without worrying about financial strain!

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