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An Introduction To 918Kiss Ocean King Online Slot

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Ocean King is an exquisite five-reel, nine-pay-line online slot game from 918Kiss. The creators of this game have put together an innovative concept that merges a modern theme with classical elements of fortune telling. Thanks to its slot machine nature, this game allows players to experience the thrills and excitement of gambling without putting their financial lives on the line. By providing an optional tutorial and bonus features to appeal to various gambling tendencies, 918Kiss has created a truly unique game experience.


Ocean King is a five reel, nine pay line online slot game that offers a range of exciting bonuses and bonus features. The reels spin in a typical fashion with the usual payouts and bonus features. In addition to the base game, 918KISSO Ocean King also allows players to customize their own bet limits and coin denominations via the Setting window. This allows players to tailor the game to their personal preferences in a way that ensures they have fun while playing.

Since this is an online slot machine, Ocean King allows players to play the base game without ever having to travel to a land-based casino. All of the action takes place on the screen of a player's home computer or other electronic device with internet access. As with many slots, winning combinations begin on the first payline and increase with each subsequent win. However, unlike most slots, every win on Ocean King rewards players with both coins and additional game play options.

As part of the base game experience, landing certain symbols on the first reel awards players 10 additional coins for free. In addition, landing any crown symbol on any active payline awards 20 coins for free as well. Furthermore, landing either the crystal ball or rune stone completes a winning combination by awarding 25 and 30 coins respectively. These are just a few of the many ways that 918KISSO Ocean King sets new standards for online slots gaming.

If you have ever played any other 918Kiss online slot games before, you may have noticed that each of their games offers unique bonus features that you cannot find anywhere else. Ocean King is no exception; this five-reel online slot comes with three bonuses that you can unlock after landing multiple bonus characters on each payline. The first bonus is called 'The Prophecy' and it grants players extra coins when they land three different rune stones in succession on one payline. Once activated, this rune stone transforms into a ball that floats above the rest of the playing field.

Ocean King also has two other special bonus features that require you to land two additional symbols at once. The first is 'The Seer' and it activates once two crystal balls appear in succession on one payline. As with 'The Prophecy,' this rune stone now transforms into a floating orb allowing you to see far off lands from your seat. The last feature is 'The Oracle' and it remains active once both crystal balls appear at once. When active, these crystal balls grant players access to mystical pages from ancient books filled with fortune telling insights and predictions about future events.

Overall, Ocean King is an exceptional online slot machine that sets new standards for other 918Kiss games thanks to its unique gameplay options and creative bonus features. Offering five reels and nine paylines, this game lets players experience constant winning without risking their money or physical wellbeing through casinos themselves. If you are looking for an original online slot game to play while surfing the web or sitting idle in your browser window, look no further than Ocean King!

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