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Blacklisted 918Kiss Agent

918Kiss Malaysia
918Kiss Malaysia

There complaints almost on a daily basis about SCR888 casinos that are scamming players out of their winnings. These casinos go under many names, but they almost always have the SCR888 name somewhere on their pages. These casinos mainly target Asian players from TaiwanMalaysia, Singapore, Philippines etc. but they are in most every market (accept the US).

There are too many of these casinos to list and they keep popping out more on what appears to be a monthly basis.

The below listings are just a few, but you can see by their website design, some (but not all) SCR888 casinos feature Asian women pictured in the Live Chat box that will pop up in the lower right corner asking if you would like or need any help. Players can also recognize these casinos by their banking options (usually located at the bottom of the website).

These banks are:

Maybank CIMB Bank Hong Leong Bank Public Bank RHB Bank Climb Bank

There is nothing we can do to help you if you play at these casinos. SCR888 casinos will not reply to any of our player complaints.

We urge players to NOT play at these casinos. All SCR888 related casinos are now blacklisted.

918kiss-scr.com scr888malaysia.com ali88win.com 9club.com scr888club.com mgs188.net orangkaya.com naga128.com co8club.com scr888max.com scr888city.com vstarclub.com

These are just a sample. There are too many to list.

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