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Popular Asian-themed slot machine symbols

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Slot machines have quickly become one of the most popular types of gambling because of its ease of use and high entertainment value. To attract players from all over the world and to keep gamblers entertained with new and thrilling experiences, slot game developers have produced hundreds of online slots with a wide variety of novel themes, each with its own set of unique and fascinating icons. One of the most common categories of slot machines is those with an Asian motif, which incorporates symbols from that region's rich culture.

We'll start with a brief history of slot symbols, then analyse the meaning behind some of the most common Asian symbols used in slot games today.

A quick historical review of slot machine symbols

The poker machine, a precursor to modern slot machines, has a long history. In the 1890s, Sittman and Pitt developed a machine that used five drums to store different card faces. Like a slot machine, you put in a coin, pulled a lever, and hoped for a winning poker hand. Trading card icons were the only ones available, and as you may have predicted from the game's 5-reel layout, only 50 of the total 52 cards were displayed.

With the success of the Clock Tower slot machine, the craze for slot machines spread even further. The poker machine, which was invented in the 1890s, inspired the development of this new type of slot machine, which included fewer reels and put the focus elsewhere. The goal of Liberty Bell is to get three in a row with the same icon. The game's icons were the liberty bell, along with the diamond, heart, horseshoe, and spade.

Although new anti-gambling rules may be introduced, manufacturers will need to come up with creative solutions to keep selling their devices. The Operator Bell was by far the most common. It changed the symbols to more fruity ones that more accurately represented the candies it was giving away to avoid legal issues.

Developed by Siemens in 1964, Cash Bee was a major advancement for slot machines. This incredible device has the potential to instantly disperse astronomically large sums of money. To this day, the machine's primary symbols are still depictions of various types of fruit. Due to a lack of evidence, we cannot confirm whether or not these machines were the first to feature the now-iconic BAR and 7 symbols. All of the graphics of these Money Honey games feature either a BAR or a 7.

The final technological advancement for slots and slot symbols occurred with the introduction of the first video slot machine and, later, online slot machines. When digital technology replaced mechanical slot machines, many slot designers finally felt free to exhibit their full creative potential. This resulted in the emergence of a plethora of new types of bonuses and game themes with original icons.

Players adore Asian-themed slot machines because they have so many recognisable elements from other popular video games. The graphics, music, and symbolism employed in these games drew inspiration from a wide range of Asian cultural practises.

The following are the five most frequent icons found in this kind of game and the meanings behind them.

Let's get started with the obvious: 1. dragons

For Asian cultures, dragons represent strength and power. Because of its power over water, it is a sign of strength, success, and prosperity. These cryptic animals are included in the Chinese zodiac.

Carp swimming

All around Asia, the koi fish has come to symbolise many different things. Feng shui ascribes several beneficial meanings to the koi, including prosperity, success, and good fortune. Like these other elements of Japan's culture, the koi is intrinsic to the country's identity. In China, the koi has far stronger positive connections with success and fortune.

Caused by mutation (or beckoning cat) (or beckoning cat)

The Caused by mutation, or "beckoning cat," is a Japanese emblem of good fortune and financial success. Originally, it was just a statue that store owners placed in front of their establishments to attract more customers.

According to urban legend, a wealthy samurai was passing by the Gtoku-ji temple when a storm struck. He sought shelter under a tree when he observed a cat with its paw raised as if to invite him. He left the safety of the tree he had been hiding in as lightning hit nearby. Since the cat saved his life, he wanted to show his appreciation by making a contribution to the shrine. After this cat passed away, a statue of a cat with its paws crossed was carved as a memorial.

Think about the "money toad," a four-legged amphibian.

According to Chinese superstition, the appearance of a money toad heralds a prosperous future. The Jin Chan may also refer to the Chan Chuy or the Zhaocai Chan Chu. The amphibian has been variously described as the greedy spouse of one of the eight immortals or their faithful animal companion.

Number of Tigers: 5

While many other cultures revere the lion as the apex predator, the Chinese place the tiger at the pinnacle of the animal kingdom. This fearsome creature is a yang symbol, which means it brings good fortune, strength, and security. Sometimes, Caishen, the god of prosperity, is shown mounted on a black tiger, another animal frequently connected with wealth.

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