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The 918Kiss JinQianWa online slot game tips and tricks

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

JinQianWa is a slot game produced by 918Kiss Online Slot. It's similar to other slot games that allow players to wager money and earn jackpots. However, 918Kiss JinQianWa has several unique features that make it stand out from other games. These include a special mode for playing on the go and a live chat function for interacting with game operators.

Additionally, the game offers in-house supermarkets where players can acquire in-game items.

918Kiss JinQianWa has several different types of jackpots. The most popular is the Nine Dragons Jackpot. This jackpot is awarded when a player lands three or more symbol combinations on an active payline. In addition, players can win the Dragon Pearl Jackpot by landing three or hand-picked pearl symbols on an active payline. There's also a King Dragon Jackpot awarded when a player lands three or more dragon symbols on an active pay line. This is a rare jackpot since only one line of dragons appear at a time.

Players should also note that 918Kiss JinQianWa features high jack features compared to other slot games. This means that it's virtually impossible to land the minimum winning combination without using additional spins. In addition, the game includes an auto betting feature to increase overall wagering opportunities. By default, this feature is turned on and increases wagership rates at certain intervals in the game cycle. However, players can turn off auto-bets if they wish to increase their chances of winning consistently.

Apart from its unique features, 918Kiss JinQianWa has several other noteworthy characteristics that set it apart from other slot games. For instance, the game runs on a geologic calendar system that matches the Chinese zodiac year with lunar cycles and celestial events. There's also a mobile version of the game - appropriately named 918Kiss JinQianWa - that runs on phones and tablets. It has several notable improvements over its desktop counterpart, including HD graphics and increased play limits.

Players should keep in mind that 918Kiss JinQianWa has high jack features and auto betting features compared to other slot games. This means that it's best played responsibly since winning can be easy when using these features correctly. Plus, players should stick to playing the game's base game since the other game features are not as popular as they are in Malaysia itself.

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